Friday, September 24, 2010

Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer, Part II

Hey ya'll! Are ya ready for more trailer talk?? If so, please read on!  Preparations for move in day on the country castle, as I like to call it, are finally near completion.  This last week was spent polishing off interior work.  Many of you may have visions of seamed walls covered in textured panels adorned with mauve flowers and teal accents, wall so thin that you can hear tinkling in the bathroom and bacon frying in the kitchen in the other end of the home.  Lint laden teal carpet and polyester drapes round out the look (if you've never been in a trailer house, just forget that last bit.).  When choosing our home, I was surprised to learn that trailers can be built much like a "stick-build" home, made to look modern and personalized.  My first thoughts were to say "adios" to the white walls and bring in some color.  This would take a crew.  Meet the crew:

This is my #1 go-to girl, my fabulous sister-in-law, Jennifer.  Better known to the paint crew as DJ Jazzy Jen.  She took off an entire day of work just to help me seize the color change goal.  Talk about family devotion!

Meet Steve's Aunt, Marilyn.  She drove all the way from Ness City, stayed for two days, and is so good at painting, she can do it with her eyes shut!  Just kidding, that would be my photography error. Merci, Merci, Merci, Marilyn for all of your help....and really most of all for the huge pan of cinnamon rolls you brought.  One for me, one for the baby, one for me, one for the baby....

This is Peggy, Marilyn's friend, painter extraordinaire.  I was so happy to have her expert advice on color and technique.  She is a true farm gal with a big heart, and made the experience fun for all of us!

Forget Handy Manny, we have Handy Henry in the house.  Ladder inspector, climber and dragger-around-wherever-you-are-mommy-in-case-you-need-it-boy.

Finally, there's Chris, on the left, kind of a slow-but-steady wins the race kinda guy.  He did all of the finishing work in the entire home, which consisted of trim, flooring, carpet-laying and joining the two halves together.

Just a guess, but I believe they are discussing just how impressed they are with our transformation of the walls, the beauty of the color and precision of the application.  Yep, that's definitely it!

Saving the best for last....this is Granny and Grandpa.  Kathy spent hours playing with kids, cooking meals, advising and encouraging us through this process.  Bob, the jack of all trades, did electrical wiring, plumbing, installed gas lines, hooked up appliances, went on paint runs and kept everyone on task, and on time.

Now, we are all patiently waiting for Monday, when the movers arrive and our country castle will finally be home to 7 happy inhabitants!

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  1. Awesome - can't wait to see it decorated and lived-in.