Monday, September 20, 2010

Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer, Part I

As Steve and I announced to friends and family that we were moving from the city to the farm, a frequently asked question was, "Where will you live?" To which we responded, "In a trailer house." To which they (often, but not always) displayed either 1. curiously raised eye-brows, or 2. a snicker implying "That's funny, but seriously, where are you living?" To which we replied (again), "Yes, it's true, we're going to live in a trailer house!"
"Mom, Dad, we're moving to the a trailer house." (Pause)

These are my parents, Karen and Ed.  No raised eye-brows here (well, margaritas always help).  Seriously, we've got a double-team of support with Steve's parents, too.
Now, while this living situation is only a temporary one, we hope to build someday (see plans at left),
(Just kidding! - this is a replica of the home Pa
Ingalls built for his family southwest of Independence, KS, from which the story "Little House on the Prairie is based." Wowzer!)

I feel it is my duty to dispel many miscalculated assumptions about trailer houses.  "Many" being the operative word here...."all" would have to include the trailers painted random shades of pink or mint green, with huge TV satellites in the yard to which a pit-bull or some breed of terror is chained.  Nope, no defense for those...but I'm sure they are a happy home, no less, for some.

When buying a trailer house, you have many options, one of them is to choose a floor plan and "design" it using this options available, which is what we did, hoping to sell it in a couple of years.  After a couple of months of planning, the house came in two pieces to the site of delivery.

After the two halves were centered on the foundation, a crew of men came in to super glue and staple the two halves together (kidding!) finish the roof and exterior.

No matter where a lady lives, with two knights to guard here castle,  peaceful rest, playful days, and a joyful life is to be lived.

Coming up....a peek at the interior, an introduction to our fantastic crew of design engineers (i.e. painters, craftsmen and all things plumbing and wiring magicians), and the castle complete!

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