Friday, September 3, 2010

The Evolution of a Yes

Last weekend, our family traveled to Garden City to celebrate the life of Steve's grandfather, James Arnold Wehkamp, who passed away on August 25th.  During the funeral mass, I could not help but look upon Theresa, who is only known as "Granny" to her family, and contemplate the relationship she shared with Gramps throughout 61 beautiful years of marriage.

Then, to look around at the rows and rows of family that seemed to envelope her in the center of the church not only with their physical presence, but with their love, prayers, support, empathy, compassion and yes, the shared joy of knowing her beloved, I realized that the seed of her "yes" given to Gramps 61 years ago had floursishd in fruitfulness.  The evolution of a simple "yes" is today an unmistakably beautiful family - evidence of a blessed union, a union that has a specific and certain presnce among us still.

Yes, I will marry you!!....Becomes, yes, we're having a baby....babies!!! And, so the weight of the yes is mulitiplied, deepened and recited over and over again, as sacramental grace fortifies and strengthens us and our dedication to the vows for better or for worse, in sickness and in health in good times and in bad....till death do us part.

Thank you, Granny for saying "yes!"
Gramps, your memory will live on...around us, within us, through us and among us.

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