Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A couple of months ago, the fierce winter temperatures took the day off and opted to let warmer winds prevail for a day.  Halleluia!  Great weather is always a superior motivator when it comes to getting school work done.  Recess that particular morning involved a serious brotherly game of football.  
While the older two warmed up, I wondered where the younger two were hiding.  Minutes later, they came out decked in old Halloween costumes.  
Game face on.  Game attire on.  Game on.
Can you tell that George's costume dates back a couple of years?  Thank goodness high-water anything doesn't make him self-concious....
...or impair focus, concentration or good times!

What is it about a costume, be it a character from television or one imagined and fabricated from various attire buried in bottom drawers, that somehow magically transforms a child's attitude, ambitions, motivations...
...speed and agility??
Clearly this is not George Husband...but not Spider Man either.  We may have a little character confusion going on here. I think we've crossed over into Incredible Hulk or Tarzan land (or maybe it's just macho-manness.  That would come from beneath the costume - genetics, pure genetics.)
Henry opted out of the game, but maintained a serious game face and a positive attitude - gotta love that!  Who is he??  A Transformer I believe, with a stocking cap, just in case.

If costumes could possibly have the same effect on mommies, then I'll take one Wonder Woman and a June Cleaver please.


Ok - So wonderwoman clearly has some modesty issues, but couldn't I at least channel her "I'm in shape and can handle anything" attitude??? Being 33 weeks prego and unable to tie my shoess sends me pining (momentarily) for a treadmill and a waistline.
June, you rock.  Modest, self-less, sensible, and master of red lipstick and pearls.  

Game On!

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