Monday, January 30, 2012

Time For Three

The first time I saw Steve all spiffed up in a suit my knees went weak, my toes went numb and my eyes were locked in batty-lash mode.
I went to college with one clear decisive plan: study hard, graduate and get a job. 

Then, Mr. "I can change a tire and wear a suit" came along and I realized that my plan was flawed.

Can you blame my sheer lack of willpower to resist a down-home farm boy who isn't afraid to jump out of a tractor and into a suit to take me to a musical or the symphony? Sometimes you just have to admit that your plans are flawed or lame or both. So, I ditched the flawed lame plans and married the country Calvin Klein.
Eleven years and five boys later I still get weak-kneed when I see him in a suit!  And, when I see my little men all dressed up, my heart falls hopelessly in love with them, too!

Knowing that we shared the dream of raising our family on a farm in the country, I proposed to Steve that we take our dreams a step further and incorporate as many opportunities as possible for them to become well-rounded children.  Opportunities that would include trips to the city to enjoy art, music, architecture, world cuisine, etc.  I want our boys to get a taste of life experiences outside of what is familiar to them.

There is beauty in the fall harvest, yes, but also a beauty in hearing Handel's Messiah for the first time or viewing Van Gogh's Sunflowers and recognizing their transcendent value

He agreed. Mostly because I'm bossy, but also because he's smart. Oh, and well rounded too, I might add! 

Last weekend, we put some wheels on those plans and took the boys on a quick trip to Wichita to hear the musical trio Time For Three play with the Wichita Symphony. It was amazing!
First, we had a nice dinner.  I was escorted by Benedict to our table, seated by Andrew and delighted by all five as they listened intently to their father as he tutored them in the ways of chivalry.  This is Steve in teacher mode. (Preach it, honey!) Let's just say that in that moment the batty-lashes were in full force. The lesson may have been just a tad over Charlie's head, thus the expressions of confusion.
The boys were on their best behavior. I'm pretty sure it was painful for them, but, oh well. No pain, no dessert.
They did engage in some mild thumb-wrestling while Steve was in the restroom.  I let it slide, 'cause I tend to be very forgiving when they are clean and their hair is combed (and when I have wine in hand, of course.).
Then, we went to the concert.  
And, it went something like this:
We arrived just in time, which meant every good seat was taken. So, we sat in the balcony where there was literally no oxygen and every one had beet-red cheeks and a few nearly passed out.
We tried to give Charlie his bottle in hopes that he would fall asleep, but he was on high-alert, and felt the need to sing along with the Orchestra. Steve graciously volunteered to take him out for a walk.

After intermission Henry decided to ditch me and left with dad to go back to the hotel. George fell asleep, and Benedict, Andrew and I enjoyed every last note of the performance. 

Ben's Favorite:  Blackbird by the Beetles
Andrew's Favorite:  Hungarian Dance by Brahms
Mom's Favorite:  Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
 Time for Three played for over 15,000 Wichita area students last week.  
If you ever have the opportunity to hear them in concert, go for it! You won't regret it!

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