Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Resolutions For 2012

Over the weekend, the boys overheard Steve and I talking about our New Year's resolutions. We mumbled on about the old standards like getting back in the shape we were in in college(that one always makes the list), learn Karate (no need for that since moving to the country. But, getting my conceal and carry license isn't a bad idea!Did I just say that?)or, learn to sew(okay I'll squeeze that in sometime after 1 a.m. or when I get the laundry done. That one is destined to be accomplished somewhere around the 5th of NEVER.)

In order to show the boys that there is merit in making resolutions, whether they be at the beginning of a new year or not, since life is a constant series of resolves to do better or be better, for the first time in Husband family history, we created a list.  Blogging about our resolutions is as good as setting them in stone. That way they can't be forgotten, thrown out with the trash or consumed by a match flame sometime around July when the only resolve we've truly made is to go back to our old ways.

To get the ball rolling with the kids, I suggested that they come up with one funny resolution and one serious one.  They looked confused.  So, I said, "For example, a funny one might be walking backwards everywhere you go for the entire year." To which Andrew replied, "Then my serious one would be to walk forward." To which I replied, "Um, okay, smartypants."

Somewhere along the way the confusion subsided, and everyone thoughtfully shared their resolutions for 2012. Here they are - accompanied by the photo of their choice:
Well, my funny one is this:  I decided to call George Greg. Because, when I get really mad at him I just yell, "GEORGE!!!" But, if I call him Greg (giggle, giggle), I probably won't yell at him, because I think that Greg is a funny name, and I'll forget that I'm mad and just laugh! My serious resolution is to practice doing a cartwheel with a back flip at the end, because that's what the best wrestlers do and it looks cool when they warm up.
Ben told me that I wear jeans too much and that it's better to wear sweats, so I told him that I promise to only wear jeans on days that end in "y." Isn't that a good one, Mom!? (Snicker).  But, my real resolution is to be focused when I go to wrestling practice, and learn all of the awesome moves.
Well, mom, my funny resolution is to learn to climb on top of the roof. Why the roof? Oh, just 'cause. On the roof I'd be closer to heaven. And, my serious resolution is to work hard at wrestling so I can be more awesomer than last year. 
Mom, what's a resowution? It's something you want to do that's new or different or better. (He runs out of the room and disappears for a couple of minutes, then comes back with the Mercer Mayor book, Just a Toy).  Do you see this remote controlled dinosaur, Mom?  Well, I'm going to get one of those so that when I get chased by weawy, weawy big coyotes out here on the farm I can use my dinosaur to beat the crud out of the coyote.  Do you want one too, mom? (Apparently he wasn't kidding - my delighted grin was met by a stone cold serious face.)
As for Steve and Me:
Well, our first inclination is always to resolve to get things done.  Things like -
Clean out the garage....and keep it clean.
Organize the office files.....and keep them organized.
Build the chicken coop, zip line, tree house and sandbox for the boys....with a smile.
Take that anniversary trip we planned.....the one we missed at year 10 and 11, for our 12th anniversary.

But, this year we are opting instead for a list of conversions ~ conversions of heart, of attitude, of perspective:

Laugh more, a lot more.
Be still, and be comfortable in the silence.
Ponder beauty - shut down the computer and sit in front of the   sunset, then wait for the stars to come out.
Listen intently to our children, with ears and eyes. 
Chew our food slowly and actually taste it, sip the wine and savor good company.
Smooch more, because it's fun to gross the kids out.
Curb complaining and live a life of gratitude. For everything. Every little thing.


(If you enjoyed the first picture of the post as much as I did, you can find it on here.)

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  1. Love the resolutions Sue! Luis and I are resolved to have a visit with our two families sometime this year. By the way, we all started to feel a little sick over Christmas. Then miraculously all the symptoms went away when normally we get full blown colds around this time of year. The only difference in our life is juice plus. I've been giving it to all 3 kids each morning. Anyways- we'll see how the rest of the winter goes. Happy New Year to the Husbands!
    the Browns