Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pasture Sledding 101

What are your most fond sledding memories from your childhood...or adulthood (sledding is not age discriminate)??  Was it meeting neighborhood friends at the first sign of snow to scope out the slickest spot on the block? Or, perhaps you grew up in a town so small that no one had to make an announcement - frosty flakes meant main street stores closed their doors and everyone knew exactly where to meet.  

Or, maybe you don't have any sledding memories because you live three minutes from a beach.  In that case, dry your eyes, you can always come fulfill your dreams by visiting us during a blizzard!

Growing up in the country, and living there presently, means that sledding is one of the most exciting blessings of winter (for the kids, of course).  And, since we live where there are no trees and no hills, we go pasture sledding! What's that, you say??  
Pasture sledding usually involves three things:
1.  A tractor, four-wheeler of other small off-road vehicle (we use a Razor).
2.  Something to "sled" on of course!
3.  A long, sturdy piece of rope.
Our sled of choice just happens to be the hood of an old grain truck.  If you're ever driving along in the country and pass by a farm with some junk in the yard, just remember, 
One man's trash is another man's treasure...
That's it! That's the hood of Ol' Blue.  It's the ultimate sled, man!  Poor Henry, he needs some ski goggles too.
The Razor is perfect in the snow, picking up speed, and turning just sharp enough to sling-shot the passengers. 
Checking for casualties.  

This was probably the best day of Stella's life.  She's a wonder dog, really. A chicken expert.

What I personally love most about pasture sledding is that it brings the family together for some good old fashioned fun.

There's nothin' finer than a farm dad sledding in his coveralls.  I think we could start a trend in winter sports apparel.  What do you think? Not so much? Okay.
Our skilled repairmen.  How many farmers does it take to tie a rope? 
Once the girls got a chance to pull the guys, we had a little bit of technical difficulty - the rope was being uncooperative and kept breaking. The guys thought that it was because we were taking the turns too sharp. I think they thought wrong. But, thanks. You're always welcome to share your thoughts and feelings with us any time, boys!
Then, they kept trying to tell us to slow down.  Bossy, bossy.
Why don't you just let us show you how it's done???

Can you blame a girl for wanting a driving dangerously after having weeks of cabin fever? Bum, bum, bum, another one bites the dust. (Or, in this case, snow.)  If you don't know that song you should feel sad for about 10 seconds that you didn't grow up in the 80's. If you're curious, you could look up the song on You Tube.  It's by Queen.  Maybe you shouldn't look it up. It probably has a bad message, and I didn't know it back then.  I was a bit clueless in my youth.
Some frozen little bandit stole my beloved stocking cap.  That's not gonna keep me off of the sled, no sir.  A scarf engineered into a snow busting head dress. Just call me MacGyver. Sorry, more 80's.
And that, my friends, is pasture sledding.  A good dose of family fun.  What the landscape lacks in contour and grandeur, it more than makes up for in the provision of wide open possibility.  What do you think?  Want to give it a try??

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