Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend (Crafty) Warriors

If you have ever hot-glued, spray painted, hem-taped, re-painted or bedazzled anything to make your home a little more lovely today than yesterday then I am giving you a mental high-five right now!

But, if your lovely "today's" ideas have faded into yesterday, and you are asking yourself, "why did I do that?" then, I am giving you a mental hug, because I have been there so many, many, many times.   Even though I am a bit obsessed with painting and repainting rooms in our house, moving around furniture and spray painting strange objects to look like art, luckily, my husband still loves me!

I am in love with the blogging culture right now - the home design ones, that is.  One of the fruits of our struggling economy these past couple of years is that it has brought out the creative side of so many fantastic people who are willing to share their great tips on how to design and repurpose on a budget.

A couple of my favorites are Our Vintage Home Love, Nesting Place and The Lettered Cottage.

Repurposing isn't a new fad, it's an old habit that sort of disappeared for a while and is resurfacing.  Most of our grandparents were "repurposers."  My grandmas new exactly which kitchen scraps made their flowers bloom so bright Martha Stewart would be jealous! And, they could craft  things out of cool whip containers and fabric scraps so miraculous the Church should consider investigating.

Here's a design idea that I found in a magazine article which featured a designer from the south who goes to flea-markets and garage sales to decorate her home (we are soul sisters!)
I decided to steal her idea, because I thought that the framed chalkboard would have a variety of practical and decorative possibilities in our current home and our future permanent home when we build it (sometime in this century :).

I found this big open frame in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby.  Already at half-price I negotiated a deeper discount, since it had a big chip in it (on the back side, but hey, it was still damaged!).  I ended up scoring it for less than $20.  Then, I found an online sight to custom cut the chalkboard for me at around $40.  Similar frames sell in design catalogs such as Ballard Designs for over $200! (Ours is 30" x 42".)
It's currently hanging in our dining room.  In the fall, K-State's football schedule gets first dibs, then the rest of the year, we write poems, quotes, jokes and funny messages to each other on it.  Its a nice piece of personal art that has so many possibilities.

I think that this spring it will be painted a distressed shade of turquoise. Steve will love that, I'm sure :)

I'll throw the idea out to him as soon as the Christmas lights are up - he should be warmed up by then!

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