Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We Are In Love ~ Charlie 9 Months

How swiftly this year has passed, my little one...
Little musings of last year’s Advent and Christmas season have fluttered into our daily conversations around here, many of them fondly recalling how big you were in my tummy.  How my tummy bumped the dinner table and made holding Henry and bending down to tie shoes laces undone a little tricky. How we couldn’t wait to meet you, and how your presence in our family would be better than any gift neatly wrapped under the tree.
And, here you are! Here we are! Completely in love with you!
I find myself saying, more and more often to my patient husband, “I’m sorry you don’t have any clean socks honey, I couldn’t quite get to the laundry today." Or, "Is it okay if we have spaghetti again? I'll make something 'different' tomorrow.”
Mostly because I was distracted by this - 
(This is his "I know you want to hold me" grin.)
And, this -
(Sockless toesies are magnetic! No one in our house can resist tickling and smooching them!)
And this -
(This is the "lovin' eyes" look.  All plans to do anything productive are over at this point.)
For the past 9 months, there have been bills paid late, toast burned and dust bunnies undusted because of you.  But, everyone forgives me, and barely even notices the way we wear life at times - upside down, inside out and backwards. No one notices, because - 
That’s what happens when you are in love...

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