Monday, March 14, 2011

10 Things We Love About Henry

If we laugh a lot, when we get older our wrinkles will all be in the right places.

We are all in deep anticipation around here of the newest Husband Family member's arrival. Washing and folding freshly washed miniature clothing, buying tiny diapers for tiny buns, and unpacking boxes of necessary baby goodies and gadgets has peaked the boys' questions and interest in baby business.

Last week, while the boys' ate lunch, I scurried around the kitchen organizing, sanitizing and sorting, indulging the ever-present nesting phase of pregnancy.  Occasionally I took pause to answer their questions about what will happen when I go to the hospital.  It was then that I realized just how special this seemingly ordinary moment was.  Studying each of their beautiful faces, I wondered what it would be like to have another sweet soul sitting at the table with them, with us.  I couldn't help but delight in daydreams of the future - the greatness ahead of us - the gifts we have, and those that the boys will share with their new sibling.

The next few blogs will be a dedication to each one of the boys, the things we love about them, the things that make them unique and special, the gifts they bring to our family and will so wonderfully share with their new brother/sister.  What treasures!

1.  Henry luuuuves chap-stick.  You will be covered with the softest kisses, sweet one.  When he puckers his pampered pout, you will not be able to resist the kiss!!
2.  In Henry's mind, most colors should be renamed with farm equipment references.  To translate: Red =  Case, Green = John Deere, Blue = New Holland, Yellow = Caterpillar.  The only exceptions are orange is orange, purple is K-State, and pink is all things girl.
John Deere frosted face - Yum!
3.  Forget the Baby Mozart cd, Henry is our musical machine.  He sings when he plays, eats, works and camps out in the library (a.k.a. bathroom).  We enjoy his after dinner concerts which usually include the favorites from his repitoir - the theme from Davy Crocket or the Hallelujah Chorus.

4.  Henry loves his cowboy boots and wears them with everything, I mean everything. He is holding on to his very first baby pair just for you. They are well protected and in a safe place for your big day.
5.  I will go ahead and apologize right now if we should happen to find gum stuck in your blanket, your hair, your diaper....(He is literally asking me for gum as I write this).  We are currently having gum issues with Henry.  Lots of sneaking, chewing and spitting out in random places. I promise we will do our best to fix the fetish before you come home!

6.  You will be eating a lot and often for the first few months, and you will be in good company.  Henry is a professional snacker. Yogurt is his favorite.  Together you will be the Dairy Dudes.

7.  As you get older, keep an eye on Henry's handy skills.  Just sitting in your swing and observing him will be like "on the job training."  Henry is always first on the scene if there is something to be fixed around the house or in the shop.
Henry being "extra" helpful - making a place for daddy to hang his hats.
8.  Consider this an advance apology if you get sat on or rolled upon in any way during your little life.  Henry is very affectionate and cannot resist hugging tightly, sitting on laps, tackling and laying on top of anyone who is close by.  I cannot guarantee that you won't get smooshed at some point in your infant career.
9.  In addition to loving chewing gum, cowboy boots, tractors and tools, Henry loves Andrew.  They are like twins, identical in so many ways.  Their brotherly bond is tight, but I'm sure they'll let you squeeze in!
10.  The wonderful gift we all love most about Henry is his JOY.  His cheerful, loving and affectionate temperament paired with heaps of ornery makes him one irresistible son and a brother you will love!

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