Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 Things We Love About George

This is a continuation from the last blog.  The second of a series of dedications to each one of our children - things we love about them, characteristics that make them unique, and the gifts they will share with their new little sibling.  Dearest Baby, here are....

 1.  Call it ornery or call it spunk, either way, you will probably never have to worry about being in more trouble than George.  His wild hair was probably an early indicator of what the future would hold!  You will never have a dull day with George in your life!

2.  At an early age, George took up the little hobby of word inventing.  He would run around the house calling out new words and names for things.  Some of them stuck.  Like "caduation" for instance.  This would be a cross between a catastrophe and an situation.  We will be sure to debrief you on any new terms when you start babbling.

 3.  Along with a personal dictionary of words, George also has an expression to match his every thought, feeling and motive.  We're kind of counting on him to entertain you during long trips in the car. Are you up for that???
4. George is an excellent crafter.  What a treat it is to have pictures drawn or painted for you almost every day.  His favorite mediums are Elmer's glue and pipe-cleaners.  I imagine that your swing, crib and car seat will be personally decorated by your big bro.

5.  While his older brothers may tease him for this one, it is a personal point of admiration for his mama: George loves veggies, particularly lettuce.  He can often be seen sneaking big leaves of Romaine out of the fridge, making himself a salad during a random time of day or asking me to be sure and add broccoli to the grocery list. A child after my own heart! Enjoy your months of milk, because I see a lot of green in your future diet, little one!
 6.  One of our nick names for George is "Mr. 110%"  Once he catches on to a sport, and truly enjoys it, watch out!  He's a little firecracker!
 There's no doubt in my mind that you won't have a personal coach...
a personal trainer...
or a personal motivator.
7.  Maybe it's just his age, but it seems like there is nothing George won't try.  He's always up for a challenge, and we love the enthusiasm he brings to family life whether it be every-day chores on the farm, school field trips or creative projects that require everyone's best effort.  If you're looking for a partner in crime - George will be your man!
8.  This year, George officially started school with our family as a Kindergardner.  He has a learning style all his own.  And, while at times this has posed an "occasional" challenge for the teacher, ahem, I have garnered a great deal from him about the learning process.  I'm convinced that his creative ways of thinking will someday save our family from a major "caduation."  Maybe we should re-name him McGyver!
9.  "Mom, can I help you??"  As musical as "please," "thank you," and "I love you" are these words, spoken daily from the mouth of George.  What can warm a mother's heart more than a son who desires to join an overwhelmed mama in her daily tasks?  It's the stuff that keeps my lenses colored that lovely shade of rose.  Do you think diaper duty will inspire the same proposal??
10.  Finally, baby, there is one gift of George's that tops all gifts and that is his ability to help us all take life a little (well, really a lot) less seriously.  Much time can be wasted in worry, anxiety and stress. His zest for life and delight in the simplest things is a reminder that life is oh-so-full if we can live it through the heart of a child.  Dearest one, we cannot wait for you to meet your big brother, George!!


  1. Love the picture on the boat...and I love reading your posts. They are light and inspiration to my daily motherhood. I've been struggling with the transition from two to three kiddos and wonder if you have any advice? Any pillars to your day that make it all click for you? Your role as teacher is not one that I hold, but I would like to spend more time with the kids (and a little time for myself) and less time managing the house.

  2. Carrie - I am so glad that you enjoy my posts! As for advice: Be patient with yourself, don't sweat the small stuff (housework, etc.), and remember that the time you have with the little ones goes by so fast. Enjoy your time with them! Also, try to make time to do something you enjoy each week. Whether it's time alone, with your friends or spouse - it will help you "regroup" and "refocus" your energy. Most importantly, pray. Prayer is the glue that holds everything together. Hang in there - you can do it!!