Monday, June 11, 2012


Just wanted to let you know...
That We've Found a New Place to Nest!

One year ago, a friend approached me and asked if I would ever consider writing about a variety of topics on my blog (other than our stories of our family life.)  I told her that I had never thought about it, but that I would pray about her suggestion.

Well, after a lot of prayer, procrastination and deliberation, I've decided that maybe it's time to move forward with her proposal.  All Things Bright and Beautiful was a great beginning for our family blog.  Now, we hope that you will join us, as we move on to our new home, 

The new website will cover the topics of homeschooling, health and fitness, all things related to raising boys, Faith life and the home page will include happenings with our family and anything domestic that I care to share such as cooking, fashion, music, products I love, etc.

Please, if you are a current follower of All Things Bright and Beautiful, be sure to jump on over and follow us on Sole Searching!  We welcome your comments, suggestions and stories.  You can leave them on the comment portion of the blog after each post, or contact me via email at

We are very touched by the loyalty and support of all of our readers, and hope that you will find our new site even more enjoyable to read as well as something worth sharing with others!

(Thanks to the The Background Fairy for the image of the bird envelope!)


  1. Hulloo! I just found you via Facebook & shared your new blog- I have 5 kids, too. :) I'm following on your new site but wanted to let you know that the first link "Sole Searching" isn't working & didn't want you to lose any traffic- I hate it when that happens! :)

    take care, welcome & congrats on your beautiful blog(s) and boys. <3


  2. Thank you, Julie! I can't wait to check out your website and share in your journey as the mother of 5 kids!!