Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't Make Me Smell 'Em!!

There comes a point in every baby boy's life when he crosses over from the realm of perfectly pure yummy baby sweetness and into the big-boy's world of unexplainable gross disgustingness.  Although that very moment is guaranteed to happen, we mothers lovingly attempt to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. Unfortunately, for me, the odds are stacked pretty high.  With five older brother around, Charlie was bound to be taken over by the power of influence sooner than later...
The warning signs came early... 

First, his unmistakable giggle floating down the hallway from the boys' bedroom sounded the alarm. The older four were having a belching contest, and Charlie thought that that was the most hilarious sound his precious little ears had ever heard.  

Next, I caught Andrew schooling Henry in the art of arm pit sound effects. Prancing around and calling himself Mr. Tooty-Pits, Henry was the center of attention. Charlie seemed to think that Henry's arm pit skills also deserved a round of giggles.

Oh, no, I thought to myself, he's only one, and yet he is still instinctively attracted to grossness!! What mysterious chromosome is responsible for their barnyard behavior??

Help me understand this, Lord. PA-Lease!
The event that sealed the deal, the point of no return back to the perfectly pure yummy baby sweetness was when Daddy decided to play "Don't Make Me Smell 'Em!" with Charlie.  
It's a game he's played with all the boys during their early toddler days.  It goes something like this:
Daddy: "Don't make me smell 'em, Charlie.  Don't you do it!"

Charlie: Chuckling, slowly raises his foot right up to Steve's nose.

Daddy:  Big, big sniff.  Loud, loud, "Peee-Yooo!!"

Giggle.  Tickle.  Repeat.
Here's a little video I took of the action.  To be honest, I cannot resist my baby's feet, stinky or not, nor could I resist giggling during this little episode!!
Are you the mother of a boy or boys who can relate to this story with a story or two of your own?  Leave a comment - I'd love to hear from you!!

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