Friday, May 18, 2012

Living the High Life

I remember an old commercial from my childhood.  Get ready for this one: It's a beer commercial.  Impressive, huh?  Ranks right up there with Loreal's "Because I'm worth it." and the famous Oscar Meyer hotdog jingle. (Just for the record I'm not a big fan of TV, but I sure wasted plenty of time watching it growing up.)

Actually, all I remember from the commercial is the motto: 
"It's Miller Time."
Oh, the childhood memories ~ friends, school, Mr. Rogers and Miller Beer.  

When my dad would work outside during the hot days of summer, I used to run out before supper and ask him, "Is it Miller Time, Dad?"  (Quality conversation, I know.  I'm just keepin' it real here.)

Of course, he always said, "Yes!" because he's Czech and he's cool, and I love him, and I love to work outside and drink beer too.  Our gene pool rocks!

I would run into the house and smuggle a nice cold can of Miller genuine draft beer from the fridge for him.  Oh, the High Life!!
Well, my boys are no strangers to chores, and they are asked to do a lot around here to help keep this ship a float.  And, that includes yard work, caring for their animals, and any other laborious job that dad hates to do himself needs an extra hand with.  A couple of weeks ago, proud of their hard work and cooperation,  I made some lemonade to take out to them, and snapped this picture.

My mind was suddenly filled with images of the four of them 10 or 15 years from now, or (holy crap) their college years where a hard days work is celebrated amongst the crew with, oh no, NOT lemonade but some brew. They will have their own Miller Time.  Dear me.

Thinking of all of this I nearly passed out.  All because of a dang commercial and a childhood memory. Medicating my emotional tantrum with a cold one seemed to be the only reasonable way to handle things (oh, and a few more hours on my knees, of course).  Can you blame me?
Now, go find your koozie and

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