Friday, May 4, 2012

Chopstick Charlie

Oh, boy, Mommy, I finally made it! 
Ever since I was in your tummy my little ears have been listening to the melodies that rise like magic from this giant black box. 

I heard them still as a newbie, back when you held me in your arms 
all day long...
 then as I grew, and grew and grew, and you toted me around on your hip, I could see that my brothers were making the music.  
When you first sat me down on the floor in the schoolroom I knew that soon I would inch my way over to that big black box, 
reach up with all my might and touch the keys too.
See how I have discovered how to scoot myself between the bench and the piano?  
Up, up, up on my tippie toes I go.  A great big stretch and...TA-DAH!! I can reach!  
Now I can make music too!
How did you know that my wobbly legs would soon get tired?? 

Thank you, Mommy, for rolling my high-chair over for me to sit in!
Now, I think I could play all day!  Oh, what is this? I have an audience? 
Oh my! (Is that a tip on the piano?  It's a sign!  He's my baby Beethoven!)
This is definitely my happy place.  
Isn't it wonderful, Mommy??

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