Friday, December 17, 2010

Conversations with Henry

When Steve and I began our family 10 years ago, I knew....and I had known for a very long time....that my heart's desire was to stay at home with the kids, that that would be my "job" my "work" my "career," my privilege.
Yesterday afternoon, I took our youngest son, Henry outside to swing.  Just the two of us. The air was still and crisp everything felt still, for a moment "life" was on pause.  As he swaggered along ahead of me, I relished every moment, every movement.  I love how little ones, especially when in nature, take nothing for granted - everything deserves attention, notice, sharing.  They stop to pick up rocks, to feel the grass, to talk to and chase the cat, to laugh, to "be." It is wonderful.
Most of our conversations began with "Mom! Wook at dis!" or "Hey, Mom, did you see dat?" Just hearing Henry speak is entertainment. He has a unique draw that would convince anyone that there's Southern blood in our family somewhere. Gloves are "lubs", school is "skewel", holy is "hody" in "Hody Cow!"  And, "Are we going to Hody Mass today?"

I know that he will grow, and change so quickly....and he'll do it when I'm not looking, paying attention, recognizing - because so many "important" things are being attended to.
You may not know it now, Henry James Augustine, but I'm watching you....I see you sneak up on anything that moves with whatever make-shift weapon you have created in Davy Crockett get-up.  I know that you love your cowboy boots, doggy jammies, Menthos candy, story time, hide and seek and all things farm.  I hear your giggles throughout the day and have stored them in my memory forever.
Everything I have will someday be gone, and everything I've accomplished will soon be forgotten.  But, being a mother has eternal merit.  Helping lead five little souls to Heaven, be it through laundry, k.p. duty or any other mundane task may at times feel like a job....thanks be to God for your sweet little smiles....there to remind me that it is indeed a privilege.

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  1. This is great! I so often need the reminder to keep my mentality set on the Truth and not to take our little "blessings" for granted!