Wednesday, November 3, 2010

School - Spooky Style

Educating at home can display a variety of approaches unique to each family who chooses this "road less traveled."  For us, structure and schedule is important, but I love to mix it up with field trips, experiments, themed-lessons and hands on experiences.  Holidays and feast days always present perfect opportunities for  such creativity.  And, surprisingly, I think the boys learn the most on the "unschool" days.

Since moving to a farm 30 miles from the "local" homeschool network, opportunities to school with others are less frequent.  Last Friday the boys were delighted to have their cousins out of school, so they joined us for a Halloween themed morning of lessons.
It's always important to begin a lesson with at least 2 seriously qualified teachers.  Ahem.
Ghosts - a most appropriate theme.
Ghosts can be so yummy, especially when they are white-chocolate-covered banana ghosts!
Granny came over to lead story time.  She must have cast a spell on the hooligans to get them all to sit still and listen! Teach us your tricks, Granny!
Slimy science.  Green goo is so much fun! I love it when they don't realize they are learning!
There's a thoughtful one in every bunch.  Thank you George, for reducing my laundry load this week. (Actually, Mom, most days I just prefer to be half-naked.)
Halloween misfits 2010 - well educated misfits, that is. :)

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