Thursday, November 11, 2010

If the Boot Fits...

This is our three year old son, Henry.

He's funny, sweet, ornery, and a bit like having twins, because when it comes to dismantling the house, he does the damage of two.

We have been incredibly entertained by Henry this past year.  His funny phrases, mannerisms, expressions are priceless.

Henry is "all boy," as we like to say. If dad is working under a tractor, he's right beside him with tools in hand.  In his sweet little mind, there is always something to be hunted, and nearly everything can be made into a gun - coat hangers, Legos, kitchen get the picture.

He's also hopelessly attached to his boots. "Bobby boots" in Henry terms.
 They are like an added appendage to his little body. Boots to Henry are like basic black to the fashion-conscious - they go with everything. Everything.

Dinosaur Long-Johns for instance.
He's clearly ready at a moments notice to answer the door should anyone happen to be visiting our remote farm at 7:00a.m.

Next up, undies (with a pajama top, of course).  I mean, why waste time putting on pants when we don't have neighbors, and it's an unfortunate 85 degree fall day??  Practicality must be recognized here.
 Caught ya - red handed!
So, you thought you could get away with wearing those boots to football practice, did ya?  Seriously, gym shorts and boots? Clearly I'm not connecting the dots here....
Then, there are days when the stars are in line, the sign of the moon is favorable, and the boots match the outfit. Even though the boots have managed to find a cow patty. Nice.
According to Henry's rule, one shoe fits all - outfits that is.  Henry, dear sweet Henry, if becoming a Monk is in your future, rest-assured surrendering worldly goods and embracing the virtue of simplicity will  not be a monumental feat  for long as the Abbot gives you the thumb's-up on wearing cowboy boots with your cassock!

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