Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday, Andrew!!

Theodore Roosevelt once said:
"What we have a right to expect of the American boy is that he shall turn out to be a good American man.  The boy can best become a good man by being a good boy-    not a goody-goody boy, but just a plain good boy..."Good," in the largest sense, should include whatever is fine, straightforward, clean, and manly." 

Though America's expectations, or lack there of, of boys are today quite different from Teddy's day, upon reading this quote, I couldn't help but think of our son, Andrew.  He is the essence of a very fine, straightforward, clean and manly boy, not forsaking an adventurous, wild, creative, intelligent and spiritual nature. On Monday, we celebrated the gift of his life to our family, beginning with birthday breakfast.

Birthday breakfast is a bit of a ritual in our home.  We never, never, never, ever, ever miss it.  Ever.  Never.  Because it's a family tradition, it must follow a certain set of standards (i.e. expectations from the children).  Every layer of the event must be experienced for it to meet birthday breakfast standards.

Food comes first (funny faces, optional). When B.B. first began, I would stay up the night before and make homemade cinnamon rolls and a birthday cake.  After a gazillion hours of self-donation in the kitchen all in the name of birthday cakes and birthday breakfast, I hit a wall. Yep, birthday baking burnout.  Then, my fabulous sister-in-law, Julie, rescued me from B.B.B.,  and sent me a recipe for easy over-night caramel rolls. (I love her!)  When I say easy, I mean easy!  It's my go-to recipe for many occasions and especially for surprise guest appearances.  Here's the link:

See, they make everyone happy!  Even those who aren't quite awake yet...(including myself).  Then, it's on to the gifts.  More sweet treats...
Oh, Lord, when will the Lego fascination ever end???  What?? Never you say?? Where's my vacuum?...
See the hand touching the gift on the bottom left?  That's the kid who you never, ever take in a store or any place with a "Do Not Touch" sign.
Next up, is the always fun, and often funny trip down memory lane. We gather around the birthday boy and look at albums stuffed with pictures from the child's birth to the present day.  It is always so endearing to see their faces as they look with wonder at themselves through every stage of life they have experienced thus far.

One of the most special aspects of the birthday breakfast tradition is the birthday blessing, given by dad.  He anoints the precious one with holy water,

then, prays over him. (Um, honey, maybe you should pray over him, too....oh, Georgie....)
Finally, a tried and true Husband Family birthday breakfast would not be complete without a few happy birthday wishes from the bros: George: Andrew, I think you are great because you understand all of the new words I make up, and they even make you laugh.  I also like how you never let me cross the street alone, you make me ride on your back."  
Henry: "Andwew, you are the greatest.  You are always ready to play with me, to protect me and comfort me when I get hurt, and you always share your stuff with me.  Did you know you just shared your entire new package of strawberry Ice Breaker Sours I found hidden in your pj drawer??  They were yummy, thanks!"
Benedict: "You are the most hilarious brother in the entire world.  I am always laughing at the funny things you say.  Thanks for letting me help you build your new Star Wars Lego set!"

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  1. Hello Susan!
    FYI: You will be knee deep in Lego's by they time they grow up. Ben and Lake got Lego's for every occasion (and for no-occasion) over a stretch of at least a decade. I've kept them all and get them out when little kiddos come around. I think they are great creative & classic toy. (I like building w/them too!)
    Enjoying your blog--so much going on...moving, a new baby,....exciting stuff!