Monday, November 14, 2011

Collin Klein - My Little Good News

I don't know about you, but I've had it with all the bad news.  From Penn State to political scandals, it's all a big fist coming down like a hammer on my house of happiness, an eclipse blocking the rays that light my day, a rock in my shoe breaking my optimistic stride.  The bitterness of life is begging to be sweetened and soothed by the balm of good news...

But, maybe we're all just getting used to the headline topics of lying, cheating, stealing, disaster, death, betrayal and blame.  If you can get used to wearing a hair shirt or taking cold showers, that is.  Ignoring the bad doesn't help either, it just lends itself toward cynicism and apathy.  Worse yet, it can place us in the danger of temptation, the temptation to lose hope in humanity, to abandon faith in virtue and it's victory over vice. So the only real solution is to take the good with the bad.  Even if you have to search for the good.

The good news is football isn't all bad...
Football is a top topic around here, and after the news broke about the heart-breaking situation at Penn State, I cringed, and through gritted teeth, moaned over the sad reality of yet another athletic power, one so many once looked up to, who devastated it's fans with unbelievable shame.

I look at my little boys who love sports and can make a list of the names of incredible athletic talents a mile long, and wonder what I would have said to them had they been Penn State fans.  I recognize that my little sprites do not live in a bubble, that they will embrace other people throughout their life, people whom they think or feel represent something admirable, something that they would like to achieve or obtain in life.  
Whether it be sports or academics or music - they will, by their very nature, witness excellence in others and be inspired by greatness.  Those individuals in the spotlight have a million eyes upon them, and they must know who the most precious of eyes belong to: the young people, my sons included.  
Someone to look up to...
This season, my son's eyes are upon one outstanding young man, Collin Klein, who is the quarterback for the Kansas State Wildcats.  A few months ago, we knew so little about this man of character.  But, as K-State gained momentum this season in the college football arena, our interest in the team's players, specifically Klein, peaked. Here are a few excerpts written about him:

Klein is K-State's version of Tim Tebow, in purple and white.  And he expresses himself in spiritual tones, never hiding his belief in God nor the bounties of that belief. 

"Just the thought of being mentioned in the same sentence with Tim Tebow is an honor,'' Klein said. "I'm unworthy of all that. But without speaking for him, I think the most important similarity between us is that we honor God for all that He has given us.''

Klein's faith is as much a part of him as his right arm.

Just as Tebow is held in high regard as a person first, then an athlete, so is Klein, who is always thoughtful and polite with fans and the media and is tenacious as a football player.

"I was raised with, to put it in the best words, a desire for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,'' Collin Klein said. "That was almost the most important thing for me.''

Call me crazy, but that's some good news, folks!  After reading it, I wanted to stand up and cheer and do some crazy cheerleader jumps (I never was a cheerleader, so it takes somthin' real good to get me to bust-a-move.).  I also wanted to jump in the car and drive right up to Mrs. Klein's front door and hug her, high-five her and get her autograph.  But, she lives a long way away, so I just did a couple of extra kicks in her honor.)

After talking with the boys about Collin Klein as a person and an athlete, I suggested that they write to him and tell him how much his Christian witness means to them.  I explained the importance of finding the good in others and affirming them. Andrew said, "Mom, I don't know where to start or what I would say to him."  I told him, "Just imagine having a conversation with Collin. Write what you would say to him if he were sitting next to you."  Quietly, he went to the school room, gathered a simple lined piece of paper and a pencil and wrote for a half and hour....

Dear Collin Klein,

Hello, my name is Andrew Husband, and I am nine years old, and I am in the fourth grade.  This year, I played football too.  I watch you play at every football game.  I look up to you a lot.  You are a great athlete and I love how you are very strong in your faith.  Thank you for being a good example for me and my brothers.  You rock!

Your Huge Fan,

Andrew Husband

(The news excerpts were taken from an article written by Bob Lutz from the Wichita Eagle. The photo of Klein signing autographs was taken after the long game of 4 over-times against Texas A&M.)


  1. What a great message to search for the positive - it is too easy to get weighed down by media negativity. I love that you wanted to hug and high five the player's mom as much a the player himself. Oh how our perspective changes when we become mothers. We see the parenting behind the good examples - and try to emulate and congratulate those parents who have raised their kids with the the right priorities and focus of spirit. So a big high five and a hug to you Susan! And I WAS a cheerleader a lifetime ago so I will throw in jump and a kick too - because as your son so eloquently put it "You rock."
    (Susan Bell Flavin)

  2. LOVE it...especially the props to his mom. We feel the same about Collin at our house. I continue to pray that he will remain steadfast in his faith.
    Kelly Brandt :)
    PS your boys are too cute.

  3. Collin Klein is a rock star in our home! His jersey is at the top of Peyton's Christmas list!

    Michelle Dubbert