Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fast Shoes and Funny Socks....

Dear Friends,

If your son or daughter should happen to call home from their University complaining of a young man, who happens to be either their assigned lab partner, project peer or always-late-for-class-can-I-borrow-your-notes nagger...

....someone who doesn't own a comb (because he spends his money on "beverages" and snacks):
...doesn't own a car, but sports some pretty fast shoes:
....doesn't think that anyone will notice his socks....
...doesn't believe me when I say that I am not coming for a laundry visit, so he routinely resorts to plan B which doesn't involve quarters and a washer but rather wearing other people's clothes:
....wears them shamelessly....wears them with the fast shoes and funny socks:
...please call me.  Your son or daughter knows my son, Henry.  And, I'm always up for a good story or two about my son.  

Thanks and apologies in advance,
Henry's Mom


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