Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Way We Celebrate

Fun.  We will find a way to have it, especially on an important day like Father's day.  Some people may think that living in the country limits the possibilities and opportunities for fun but I say, "Not so, my friends, not so."

In fact living in the country naturally inspires creativity and ingenuity.  Or, desperation.  Or both.  Or all.

Really, who do you think came up with the leisurely pastimes of hay rack rides and cow tipping?? City folks?? I think not.

Inspiration came to us this past weekend by way of water.  Steve and the boys got together with the cousins and transformed an old hay tarp into a humungo slip-'n-slide. Needless to say, we had a blast! In honor of the event, we would like to share some essential tips with anyone considering the same recreational quest:

1.  Remove all forms of friction if possible.  The slipperyer the better! (Yes, that's a word. It's in the slip-n-slide handbook. You know, the one I'm currently typing...)  Steve suggested dish soap, but ya know they put that "do not put in contact with the eyes" warning on the label for certain people. People like us, actually.
Baby soap is a better option.  Bet ya didn't know that the "no more tears" logo wasn't just for bath time! (Note the tidal waves of glorious soapy foam below.  Country folk also know how to multi-task and conserve - it was bath, laundry and entertainment at a discount price!)
Baby soap is meant for more than baby buns, or for removing tight wedding rings off of fat fingers.  Chips, salsa and beer.  That's the recipe for swelling.  Happens every time.  Arrrrr. Moving on...

2.  Have the kids take all initial test runs.  Just in case, because you never know if there are bumpy rocks under the tarp or a few not-so-slick spots here and there.  Mom and Pop are too old for such risky business.  Leave it to the young little whipper-snappers.
3.  Keep a stash of juice-boxes on hand just in case the water warriors get thirsty.  We told them not to drink the soapy water, but I guess they have to learn the hard way.  (Kidding! But, it does look like they've just come out of the desert and discovered the "springs of eternal bliss.")
4.  Tie up the pets.  They tend to get in the way of the action.  And, they too think the frothy delight is an irresistible temptation on a hot day...
5.  Make sure you have enough room to get a running start...
6.  Initiate challenges. For instance, who can slide the farthest (dad won),
 Kids vs. Dad, 
Mom vs. Dad...(Mom won by a strong half-inch.  It was a Michael Phelps sort of victory.),
who can create the all around best splash, and of course, don't forget...
who's sportin' the best farmer tan (the boys tied, straight across on that one!),
 who can exhibit the greatest focus (a tie between George and Henry),
and, finally, who has the cutest tummy.  Charles was napping, so the prize for runner-up goes to Henry.
 7.  Check every now and then to be sure that Dad is smiling, if in fact you are celebrating Father's Day in our preferred fashion!
That's how it's done!

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  1. Love of the best family reunions I can remember as a kid was where we did the exact same thing with black plastic. Time to do it again. The smiles say it best!