Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Charles at 1 Month

Hello Friends, Charles, a.k.a. "Masterpiece", here to chat with you about being a one month old.  Life as a Husband boy is g-o-o-d good!  My days pretty much consist of two things:

1.  Eating

2.  Sleeping

I don't have any snapshots of the first thing that I do best, since my mom is the official photographer and she is also the official milk maid (she hasn't figured out how to feed me and take pics of me at the same time).  But, I do have some pretty precious pics of my second best talent:
 1.  My mom's shoulder is a sweet spot to catch some zzzz's, especially after a little snack.
2.  Sometimes I like to kick back in my snugly swing and fall into a little post-feeding coma.
 3.  But, my #1 nap-nest is on daddy's chest.  We meet at the couch every night after supper and snuzzle.
That's all for now!  Happy Easter!




  1. So so precious!! My love to you all and kisses to the "Masterpiece"

  2. Ohhhh seeing that sleeping baby is calling to me to come kiss his sweet cheeks...I will be calling you to do just that and pick up dishes so you do not have to worry them any more. I also thought that Steve could just drop them off at my mom's house; I am not worried about them...just do not want you to.