Monday, January 24, 2011

Hugging Babies, Not Trees....Part I

It's that time of year again, when Pro-Lifers around the world rally together to give a voice for the unborn, and really to all persons in every stage of life. We celebrate, in a unified effort, the incredible beauty and glory of life itself - Life created by a great and merciful God - a Father who desires all of his children, born and unborn to have life, a life in abundance at that (John 10:10). 

How generous is our God who allows us to know and understand, through the gift of the human intellect, how life is created, how He has designed the human body to work physically, mentally and emotionally. Through scientific revelation, God has made visible to us even the tiniest cell of our flesh, the cells He has counted.....and yet how generous of Him to gift us with a sincere FREEDOM of the will. So that we, as his sons and daughters, might choose our own personal response to life, to persons, born and unborn, whom He has created to fulfill a deep and sincere purpose in this life and beyond.
While we are free to choose our position toward life, it does not mean that to be pro-choice or pro-life is a position built upon subjective criteria. Our nation has demonstrated it's disposition toward life in our vote for a president who considers an unplanned pregnancy - a BABY - to be a "punishment"(in his own words). Some would argue with that position of support, stating that there were other "issues" or "reasons" why they voted for him, to which I respond, "my point exactly." These "reasons," sadly, have an overwhelming priority over life. We will answer for these "reasons" and we will answer for our vote, whether we as a nation believe in God or not. For as Archbishop Fulton Sheen once wisely said:
"Truth is truth, even if no one believes it. And, error is error, even if everyone does."

So, I have just one question: if our President considers babies to be a punishment, how can we expect that he will actually take care of a nation of "punishments" who voted for him?

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