Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The beautiful bluegrass state - Kentucky

After spending a few days in the beautiful state of Tennessee, we traveled on to the bluegrass state of Kentucky.  Our destination was Mammoth Cave, and the drive there (on winding narrow highways and bi-ways) gave us a more scenic view of the countryside, quaint little towns and beautiful farms.  The people in both TN and KY were so kind, and very hospitable. It is always refreshing to leave home, venture outside your comfort zone, outside of what is familiar and see how others live, what is important to them, and where the places are that they call home.  Our country's heart and soul is not it's government, it's the people - the ordinary people who are strong, family-loving, hard working, and generous. I was encouraged, and reminded that our country is indeed a very special place, and it is so because of it's people!

Horseback riding, zip-lining, canoeing and a magnificent cave tour offered unforgettable moments for all of us.  I took almost 100 pictures of our adventures.  Here are just a few of our great moments:

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